Getting Started



Renting your home or cottage through an agency still involves some obligation and responsibility on your part. To ensure that your cottage will be up to guest standards, you may want to consider having your cottage cleaned by a professional cleaning company at the start of the rental season. You are also responsible for ensuring that your vacation property is appropriately insured while it is rented out. Recurring problems with nocturnal visitors such as bats or mice need to be dealt with prior to renting your cottage. Vacationers often have a different view of these ‘animals’ and their reaction to our interesting wildlife is not always one of appreciation. Your septic system and water quality/supply must meet the standards set out by appropriate agencies, and all your kitchen appliances and any extra amenities must be in good working condition. You must also remove all personal items from closets, cupboards, and drawers, as well as any clutter and personal photographs.

We do require that your cottage be checked between each booking (by you or by a person designated by you to handle the changeover service) to ensure that it has been left clean and in good condition for the next booking, to refill propane tanks, to stock up consumable supplies, to dispose of garbage and recycling, and to attribute any damage or cleaning costs to the appropriate party. There may also be maintenance such as lawn cutting and minor repairs.


The first step is to arrange for us to visit your property. The best time to do this is in the fall or early winter so that your property is potentially ready to market early in the new year. And please don't wait until you have finished your renovations before contacting us! We would prefer to see your property early in the process in order to 'get the ball rolling'. It also doesn't need to be de-cluttered of your personal affects but it should be reasonably clean and tidy.

During this visit, we will:

  • discuss the new regulations and licensing for short term accommommodations in Prince Edward County
  • assist you in determining the potential rental rate
  • make recommendations to a) maximize your income potential, b) minimize maintenance and worries, and c) help you provide a safe environment
  • discuss insurance and tax requirements
  • record details about your property that will be used to prepare your webpage
  • answer questions that you might have

Once we've signed a contract, we will return to:

  • record additional details about your property to prepare your guest information package.
  • photograph your property. Note: your property must be clean, tidy, and all work must be completed for picture taking.

In order to have sufficient time to set up and market your property for the next season, we recommend that you get started on this process as soon as possible. Get in touch with us now and get your name on the list!

To obtain more information:

Please fill out our contact form with your property information